IH&SC was founded in 1980 to provide on-site evaluations of potential safety and health hazards and to assist in the elimination of those hazards. IH&SC is dedicated to providing its clients the highest level of professional services through the use of Board Certified Professionals and nationally accredited laboratories.

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Denese Deeds Recognized as a Thought Leader
Denese Deeds, co-owner of IH&SC was recently featured as a Thought Leader by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.
"When I started my career, SDSs were in their infancy," Deeds says. "Then OSHA issued the Hazard Communication Standard and that really began to change things. And with the advent of the GHS, we're going to see more improvements in the quality of information about the chemicals that people work with.” 

Deeds has served on various AIHA committees and local sections, and helped develop the SDS and Label Author exam, which is based on Revision 4 of GHS.

Learn more about Denese and the staff of IH&SC here.
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"I have been working with IHSC for over 14 years. Denese Deeds and her team of regulatory experts have been with my company and I through every major compliance event we have faced. They have overseen project ranging from  the unexpected immediacy,  the short term 2 year plan,  and most importantly, the long term horizon planning. IHSC has currently been awarded the position of full global regulatory oversight for the WD-40 Company. None of us would want run through this jungle without them as our guide."

Ernest Bernarducci, PhD
Vice President, Global Research and Development of WD-40

Chandra Deeds Gioiello Recognized as a Thought Leader
Chandra Deeds Gioiello, Senior Staff at IH&SC was recently featured as a Thought Leader by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.
Ms. Gioiello is a registered Safety Data Sheet and Label Author and a Certified Industrial Hygienist.  She specializes in international hazard communication regulations.  Her main areas of focus are SDS and label authoring under old HazCom regulations, international GHS, REACH and CLP regulations, WHMIS, and HazCom 2012.  She also specializes in transport classification and training and tariff code classifications. 

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